AMERICAN DADDY is an Official Selection at the Atlanta Underground Film Festival! The screening is at The Synchronicity Theatre in Atlanta on July 21st! Come on down!


The day after Trump is elected President, two lifelong friends meet for a drink. One of them is horrified. The other is surprisingly calm…

Run time 9:23

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Directed by Yaara Sumeruk
Written by Katie Baldwin Eng
Director of Photography Bart Cortright
Edited by Jordan Harrison
Music by Romain Collin (🔈Listen on SoundCloud)
Produced by Five on a Match and The Exploratory Committee

Starring Jenny Taher and Meg MacCary

Upcoming Screenings

AMERICAN DADDY is an official selection at the Atlanta Underground Film Festival on July 21st.

Previous Screenings

AMERICAN DADDY had its first public screening at the NY Indie Theatre Film Festival on February 3rd.