#11/9; or EVERYTHING is TERRIBLE so we put on a SHOW


On Tuesday, January 24th, FIVE ON A MATCH presented an evening of performances: "#11/9; or EVERYTHING is TERRIBLE so we put on a SHOW".

We gathered dozens of passionate performers and artists for a night of activism, action, and fundraising. Just four days after Der Orange Führer took the oath of office, and in the face of an outright assault on art, immigration, and everything else that truly makes America great, FIVE ON A MATCH presented several original short plays, a burlesque performer (Ms. Minty Newport), a stand up comedienne (Mindy Raff), and an improv team (Astronomy Club)  at Theaterlab.

With the help of our collaborating artists, generous audience, and contributions from those who could not attend, we were able to raise $5,000 dollars for The Ali Forney Center; the largest and most comprehensive program in the nation dedicated to meeting the needs of homeless LGBTQ youth.

The night left all participants feeling charged and hopeful. In confronting a regime that is actively working to divide and disenfranchise those who are vulnerable, we proved that the work of artists of every ilk is efficacious and more relevant than ever.

While the current administration has the entire world asking, “WHAT’S NEXT?!” we at FIVE ON A MATCH are providing a few answers. Make sure to stay tuned for more photos, the presentation of the check to The Ali Forney Center, and to see exactly what IS next for FIVE ON A MATCH.